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I have had several energy sessions with Brian. I have benefited greatly from each session. I find Brian to be compassionate, and knowledgable of energy modalities. He provides a sense of security and trust throughout the session. I would highly recommend that anyone receive both energy work and massage from Brian.--J.Sullivan
 Having known Brian for a number of years, in many different capacities, as a fellow Maine Medical Center employee, a Polarity colleague, a former Reiki student( now colleague) and massage therapist, it gives me pleasure to be able to write this testimonial to his impeccable character, warm and genuine personality, delightful humor and highly developed knowledge/skill in the integrated treatment modalities mentioned!  Brian is intuitive such that while using his experience and knowledge in anatomy/physiology, coupled with his expertise in being able to size up symptoms and their root causes, he brings in the intuitive aspect which makes him truly able to serve his clients holistically and compassionately. Brian is adept at bodywork for all populations; he is strong enough for therapeutic massage for men and those clients requiring deep tissue work and gentle enough for the least invasive and subtle Swedish massage and Polarity/Reiki non-invasive work.  Having personally received his treatments, I can recommend his offerings without hesitation.
"I have had the pleasure of receiving massage, Reiki and Polarity treatments from Brian. These techniques, separately, or in a combined session, have been transformational and deeply healing on many levels. I highly recommend Brian as one of the area's most gifted practitioners."
 Dede Eaton,
Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner.
Proprietress of The Magick Closet, Spiritual Awareness Center, Portland Maine
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